Next Homecoming Week - Winterthur [Switzerland] - 10-14 August 2020

Jeff Scaldwell

It has been a sad and frustrating time that we have had to cancel all scheduled events during April, May and July this year, but we are all well aware of the reasons for this, and it is perfectly understandable that the priority for all of us - including Sylvia and me - is to remain safe and well.

Our next scheduled Homecoming week is scheduled for the middle of August. Details can be found on our Itinerary page. Our hope and our prayer is that, as that event is more than 3 months away, we will by then have a clearer picture of where we stand in the battle against the coronavirus, and we will know whether lockdowns have been eased and travel restrictions lifted. So we will keep everybody updated here on our News page.

Please do stay safe and healthy.