About Us

About Us

Jeff & Sylvia met each other when Jeff was still at university in 1976, They married a week after Jeff's graduation ceremony and have been married for 37 years. They have 3 beautiful daughters, all now married, and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

They have been involved in full-time ministry for more than 14 years.

Before that they served as Pastors in their local church and Jeff worked in business in international sales & marketing roles for more than 20 years.

This is their story.......... so far!

Jack Frost

Jack Frost

"In the late 1990s we both developed a hunger for a deeper revelation of God, the sense that "there has to be more than this!" We had the feeling that we had somehow missed something, that our Christian walk had become mundane. We started searching, even though we did not really know what we were searching for!!

On our search we came across the teaching of Jack Frost, which was our first encounter with the revelation of the Father Heart of God, and His unconditional love for His children. Jack taught about how we are created for love, created for relationship. But what was the real life-changer, the radical revelation for us as leaders, was his teaching about intimacy (or in the way that he described it - "into-me-see"), that it is OK to be real, OK to be me, no more 'Christian' masks.

James Jordan & Jack Winter

James Jordan & Jack Winter

Then we encountered the teachings of Jack Winter and James Jordan and Fatherheart Ministries, which took us deeper into this incredible revelation of Father's love.

We felt that we had found what we had been looking for!! We had found something that we would give our lives for!!

And so the ministry journey began. At first it started as a resources ministry where we were selling and distributing the teachings of Jack Frost, Jack Winter and James Jordan. We also wanted to support these itinerant ministries by facilitating and arranging conferences and their itineraries.

We arranged Jack Frost's first ever conference in England, in partnership with (and hosted by) Folly's End Church in Croydon, in south London. We also started to facilitate James Jordan's itinerary in the UK and Europe.

Jeff & James

Jeff & James

But Father is always full of surprises, as we have discovered on this journey!!

James encouraged us to start teaching this revelation ourselves, and invited us to support him on the "Experiencing Father's Love" schools that he was leading.

Then came the next surprise - the invitation from James to take on the responsibility for leading and teaching the schools ourselves!! This was not something, which we had been expecting or looking for. We thought he was joking!!

So for 8 years we enjoyed the privilege and blessing of working closely with James & Denise and their team, carrying the responsibility of leading Fatherheart Ministries schools throughout Europe.

James is one of the most anointed and gifted teachers that we have ever had the privilege of working under and with. We both know that we would not be who we are or where we are today, if it had not been for the input that James has had into our lives.

Jack Winter

Jack Winter

But over the last couple of years, James has recognised - and so have we - that we carried a slightly different focus in our hearts to that carried by James and the Fatherheart Ministries team. James had recognised that we carry a different part of Jack Winter's spiritual legacy.

For Jack, the focus had always been on the healing of hearts and the impartation of Father's love to people's hearts. Whereas for James the focus had been, and still is, on the prophetic teaching of this revelation.

For Sylvia, in particular, the life-changing encounter had been the encounter with Jack Winter. Father used Jack to bring deep healing to her and a new freedom to be the woman that she was created to be!!

It was once said of Jack, that "five minutes' contact would have lifelong impact".

Wherever he went he carried the presence of God's love, through his smile, his peace and that deep sense of knowing who he was in God.

About Us

And the key revelation that Jack received was the revelation of The Homecoming.

Jack Winter was really the forerunner, and a 'father figure', of this current wave of revelation of the Father Heart of God. He received this revelation in 1977 and travelled the world for 25 years, ministering Father's love in more than 30 nations, before he himself went home to be with his Heavenly Father in 2002. The cornerstone of the specific revelation that Jack received was the revelation of the homecoming (which was also the title of Jack's book, published in 1997).

This revelation is about finding our place in Father's heart, finding our home and security in Father's love. Jack also received the revelation that Father's love can be imparted, that Father is at work in our hearts and can use us a channel of His love to others. He saw that Father's love is far more than just a teaching, far more than head knowledge - it is a heart revelation and something that can be experienced. Father wants us not just to know that He loves us, but He wants us to live in the daily experience of His love.

This revelation is therefore the focus of the work of Father's House Europe and in particular our Homecoming retreats, and you can find out more about these on our Homecoming Retreats page".

So we invite you to come and join us on a wonderful journey with Father. There is more to come. We are still hungry for more. More revelation. A deeper experience of His love. Greater freedom from the prison of our fears, our insecurity and our woundedness. We are not captives, we are the beloved children of our Heavenly Father!!

Jeff & Sylvia
March 2016