Homecoming Retreats

Homecoming Retreats

"The Homecoming: Finding Your Place in Father's Heart"

It was Jack Winter (see the About us section) who received the revelation of the homecoming.

The revelation of the homecoming is about finding our place in Father's heart, finding our home and security in Father's love. Father wants us not just to know that He loves us, but He wants us to live in the daily experience of His love.

As Christians we know and believe that Christ died for us, that our sins are forgiven, and that we have an eternal destiny, because of what Jesus did for us. But are our lives full of love, peace and rest?? Do people see something different in our faces, do they hear that love and peace in our voices, do they experience love through us?? What are the things that steal our peace and security?? What are the fears that can still control us??

Jesus did not only come to die in our place on the cross, to take upon himself all of our sins, so that we can be saved. He did much more than that!! He came to show us the way home, and to bring us home. What is that home?? It is the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. And those arms are outstretched towards us every minute of every day.

When Jesus said in John 14, that He is going to prepare a place for us, and He said that in my Father's house there are many rooms, He was not just talking about what will happen when we die. He was talking about the place where we can live now!! Jesus has done everything that needed to be done, to bring us home!! He has removed all of the blockages that stop us from running into our Father's arms, and Father is waiting for us to come to Him, and to bring all of the daily stresses and challenges and fears of our lives to Him.

Homecoming Retreats

"The Homecoming" is a week-long (or long weekend) retreat, a time to get away from the daily stresses of life and to come and meet with your Heavenly Father. For most of us life can be challenging and demanding and often stressful. We go through different seasons, some joyful, some painful, with highs and lows, celebrations and disappointments. So how do we travel through all of those different seasons? What is it that gives us the peace and security to enable us to face all of life's challenges??

"The Homecoming" is a time of finding that place of rest and security in Father's arms, bringing all of the burdens of our lives to Him and just handing them over. He is the perfect Father, a Father who loves us unconditionally and passionately. He has everything that we need, and He is inviting you to just come and experience His amazing love, and His rest, peace and security.

These weeks are led by Jeff & Sylvia, together with international ministry teams. They are a mixture of teaching, worship, prayer ministry, personal and private time with Father, and fellowship together. On a "Homecoming" retreat we all go on a journey of revelation and experience together. The weeks are usually fully residential with accommodation and meals on site.

Homecoming Retreats

"Homecoming" retreats are very different to conferences.

Conferences are always, by their very nature, short. They are usually held over a weekend, squeezed into a busy lifestyle. They usually do not require any commitment from participants to attend for the whole conference, so therefore people can come and go as they please and simply attend whichever sessions of the conference they can. So conferences therefore are good at providing a taster, a brief experience, of this revelation of Father's unconditional love, but then we are quickly back into our usual busy routine.

Conferences also have no limits on numbers of participants, so they can seem a little impersonal and you can get lost in the crowd, and there can only be limited opportunities for any personal ministry.

The real advantage and opportunity offered by "Homecoming" events is that they are run more like retreats rather than conferences. They provide the opportunity to get away from the pressures and demands of daily life, and to just totally immerse yourself in an environment where Father can meet you, talk to you and minister His love and healing to you

The numbers of participants on these events are limited, so as to create a safe and intimate environment, rather than a conference-style, large-audience environment. As part of that safe environment, we ask participants to commit to attending the whole retreat, so that there is not a continual coming and going and a disruption of the peaceful and restoring environment of these times together.

A "Homecoming" event is more like going to a health farm or spa for a week, but at these events your spiritual health will be restored, nurtured, healed and reinvigorated. They are a time of coming home into Father's wonderful safe arms, and just being loved by Him. We invite you, therefore, to come and join us and to come home to the love that you were created for.

Homecoming Retreats

"Homecoming" retreats take place all over Europe.

For details of all planned events, please go to Itinerary

If you or your church would be interested in hosting or arranging a "Homecoming" event in your area, then please feel free to e-mail us at; jeff@fathershouseeurope.com.