Explaining The Silence & Bringing Everyone Up To Date

Explaining The Silence & Bringing Everyone Up To Date

Jeff Scaldwell

Many of you may have been wondering what has been happening with us as a ministry, as there have been no updates or news since April 2019.

At the beginning of April 2019 I (Jeff) became ill and was referred to hospital for a series of tests. This led to a break from all ministry and an enforced sabbatical. So for 7 months (April to the end of October) we did no ministry at all.

The break was very necessary and it has been great to be able to take a complete time-out and some rest and relaxation. Father also used the time to do some deeper healing and to bring me into an even deeper revelation and experience of His love.

So now we are starting back on the ministry journey, and over the next few days we will be announcing all of the ministry events that are planned so far for 2020.

Thank you to everyone for all of your love, prayers and financial support during this challenging year. You are all blessings.

With our love and gratitude.

Jeff & Sylvia